Bring us a challenge,
and we’ll meet it with joy.

Persuade is a team of digital,
experience, and data fanatics.

We’re redefining how organizations leverage and integrate
 experience, loyalty, and analytic solutions.

  • We create custom digital experiences
    that enrich your customers’ lives.
  • We strengthen and retain relationships
    with your most loyal customers.
  • We measure the experiences we
    create to inform future strategies.

We have engineered both our process for taking projects to market and our proprietary loyalty platform to be the fastest and most flexible in the industry. Our initiatives are smart, impactful and effective because they are powered by both data and creativity.

Credibility established through
powerful client results.

  • Re–engineered car rental loyalty; eliminated points and increased repeat rentals by 600% and direct bookings by 332%.
  • Creating a grocery list shouldn’t be fun, but we couldn’t help ourselves; our digital solution increased app usage by 75% and saved our Client $1 million per week.
  • Medication non–adherence is an epidemic; our AI model was 80% accurate in predicting at–risk patients.
  • We launched a B2B2C program for a giant manufacturing Client and tripled enrollment in the first three months.

Increased program revenue through improved analytics and reduced costs is only part of the story. It gets better.

You can trust us to get it done.

People often ask us “Why?” Why, after 30+ years in the business building
multiple successful loyalty and digital companies and technology
platforms, are we still driven to create something better?