The secret to successful customer
engagement strategies.

It’s not just about lift. And it’s not just about “loyalty.” Yes, we have a powerful loyalty platform based on 30 years of experience. This platform does not stand by itself. It is a component of the way we build data strategies and custom digital experiences.

Our approach is rooted in the 3 key
components for effective persuasion:

  • Credibility

    Our 30+ years of experience and top talent create a
    powerful partnership with your team.
  • Emotion

    The world is full of brands that play it safe; let’s create
    something that evokes a powerful emotion.
  • Evidence

    To know what good looks like, sometimes it’s
    instructive to know what bad looks like. You can’t
    know good or bad without data. And we love data.

Our team is founded by industry pioneers with expertise in
the most integral areas of your business.


Deliver a compelling digital experience.

From experience design to application architecture, we focus on two primary values: simplicity and quality. Our team’s imagination, ingenuity, and artistry are what set us apart.

The best digital strategies are the ones with an equal focus on user experience, business insights, data analysis, and engineering. It is critical that stakeholders from each group have all bought in and are invested in the path forward. This is, of course, easier said than done. One of the most important things our team does is work to understand each perspective so that we can help bring your team together to align on the next steps. Internal alignment will help you quickly, but effectively, turn brainstorming and planning into taking clear actions on achieving your strategy.

Turn customers into loyal brand advocates.

We meet you wherever you are on your loyalty journey. New program. Old program. Tired Program. We can help.

The experience that you create for your top 25% of customers is the purest expression of your brand. We help create that powerful experience for those who most believe in your mission. Creating a powerful experience means nothing if you don’t measure it. We have seen some of the most detailed and deliberate strategy and creative initiatives for major loyalty programs fall flat because they weren’t measured after implementation. Also, if you are measuring the wrong KPIs and metrics, that can be tied to bad strategy.

Persuade Loyalty Platform.

Our platform was designed to create experiences that your customers haven’t even thought of yet.

Our 4th generation loyalty platform is designed under a simple assumption: we don’t know how a loyalty program is going to change, but we know that it will change.

We developed dynamic data elements to enable you to dream up any promotion, structure, offering or redemption you want — without the loyalty system holding you back. Our flexible data model offers unlimited possibilities without any custom coding.

Unlimited tiers, unlimited currencies, unlimited rules, unlimited programs and unlimited experiences you can build for your customers, employees, partners and even your pet (should you want to). Out of the box. Nobody offers as much core loyalty functionality and flexibility as we do.

Invest in experiences you can measure.

We provide a framework that allows you to benefit from analytics initiatives immediately.

Data analytics and data science are shaping the world’s future — but it can often seem overwhelming or expensive to get started. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to build massive plans or dedicate large budgets to make progress in this space. We have the tools that can help you start shaping your strategies immediately. Within one month, you’ll already be learning insights that drive real, quantifiable business results.

Measure, then adapt.

It’s important to us that you see a return on the investment you’re putting into your digital projects. At the onset of every project, we work with you to establish clear success metrics and performance milestones. Similar to startup funding, if these milestones are not achieved we pivot or move onto a new initiative.